Meet Donny… From Prison to Freedom

Fresh out of the Incarceration, he needed a plan. He wanted a better life, but needed help getting on the right path. Through UMADAOPFC, he completed a GED program and found housing and a job. He also met other men who have life shared experiences: formally incarcerated men who understood what he was going through and were able to assist Donny in building the skills necessary to navigate through some of the barriers he was facing; and will continue to face throughout his journey.

The Circle for Reentry Ohio (CFRO) consists of three phases:

PHASE ONE – focuses on risk and needs assessments, intake, and case planning that builds a pathway as unique as each individual, supporting the ex-offender’s desire to reintegrate into society and become a restored citizen.

PHASE TWO – emphasizes culturally relevant services and programming, including education, job readiness and placement assistance, social learning/pro-social skills, AOD and intervention services. CFRO also provides wrap around and family based services.

PHASE THREE – provides aftercare, alumni, and mentoring services aimed at relapse prevention as well as recovery services. CFRO Mentors are ex-offenders who have successfully travelled down their own path to freedom and are willing to share their experiences and strengths.

For more information about these programs, please contact UMADAOPFC at 614-227-9694 or e-mail