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Sign up for UMADAOPFC’s 2019 Afterschool Program!

Aug 22, 2019

Sign up for UMADAOPFC’s Afterschool Program today!

                 Accepting applicants from South Linden and Rosewind Community.

ASPIRE 2019-20 Registration Form

CreativeMe Summer Camp

Aug 01, 2019


Please check out our new Facebook page . It shows some of the highlights within our Summer Program!

6 months ago

I was asked the question of what does it mean to be family? Family is hard to explain. Family is people you love and can trust; it’s not just the people you grow up with. Having a powerful bond ... See more

6 months ago

Ijust like doing my thang-

6 months ago

Slogan Idea: By Amira (Mimi)
Being creative is real fun, in CMSC the fun is never done! Drugs, drugs, are not cool, the CMSC is where we say, DRUGS DROOL!

6 months ago

Something I would tell myself 2 years ago, if I could speak with me is, get good at drawing, because my old art sucked; I was really bad at it. Now people are like “you’re amazing” or “how ... See more

6 months ago

The Food Song: By Amira (Mimi)
This is the Food Song,
The Food SOng, This is the Food Song,
The Food SOng.
We need food to survive! We need food to stay alive! We need food so we can thrive! ... See more

6 months ago

I think camp is good, you can be a better person, learn how to help people, and only do the things you are supposed to. I like Mimi and Malaysia because they help me, and when I’m sad or upset, ... See more

6 months ago
Photos from Creative Me Summer Camp's post

Community Service-Learning was conducted in the CMSC with students successfully completing Litter Pickup around the camp area and assigned cleaning after breakfast, lunch, and closing of daily ... See more

6 months ago

I feel like the camp is enjoyable, I like spending time with my friends. I feel like I can be myself at camp and that camp isn’t changing me. Drugs and alcohol, NEVER! I learned comprehension at ... See more

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