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Sign up for UMADAOPFC’s 2019 Afterschool Program!

Aug 22, 2019

Sign up for UMADAOPFC’s Afterschool Program today!

                 Accepting applicants from South Linden and Rosewind Community.

ASPIRE 2019-20 Registration Form

CreativeMe Summer Camp

Aug 01, 2019


Please check out our new Facebook page . It shows some of the highlights within our Summer Program!

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9 months ago

Please help us make this event a success!

1 year ago

The Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program of Franklin County (UMADAOPFC) is funded by ADAMH and has collaborated with the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) to provide ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from Creative Me Summer Camp's post

Education: Students engage in Social-Emotional Learning (S.E.L.), ATOD learning, and academic/educational sessions throughout the summer. S.E.L. helps to increase their protective factors in ... See more

1 year ago

My dreams are to graduate high school, go to Columbus College of Art and Design, and become a fashion designer. No, life isn’t all about cloths and looking fabulous, but they matter. For example, ... See more

1 year ago

I have many victories but the best 3 would be cheer competition, 5th grade, and good grades. Cheerleading competition because we got 2nd place but went up against some hard teams. 5th grade because a ... See more

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